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March/April 2019 Articles

First-Class Fly-fishing
Greg Seaton shifted from smoking ribs at White Pig Inn to helping people learn to chase trout on the Little Red River in north-central Arkansas. By Jim Harris.

First Class Fly-fishing

Reckless Desire
Freddy, a black Labrador, not only is among the world’s finest retrieving dogs, he also is responsible for restoring the health of his owner and trainer. By Jim Harris and Trey Reid.

Reckless Desire

Striking Gold on Mine Creek
Thanks to a sharp-eyed conservation professional in Maryland, a small, unnecessary dam on Mine Creek in the Ouachita Mountains no longer exists. By Jeff Williams.

Invasive Plant is Fast and Furious
Giant salvinia - a plant that can choke the life out of lakes - reaches   Lake Columbia as it continuesmto spread across southern Arkansas.   By Randy Zellers and Jeff Williams.

The 'Ranger Man'
Forrest Lee Wood, 87, was known as the man who developed the modern bass boat, but he also brought better trout habitat to the     White River. By Jeff Williams

Calling Was Her Calling
Patricia Mae Peacock, 81, of Stuttgart, was among the great duck  callers and the first woma appointed to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. By Jeff Williams amd Randy Zellers.


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