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Predator Control
Predator Control - image of  raccoon in tree

The Commission Predator Control Permit allows the permit holder to conduct year-round shooting during the day and night and trapping of bobcat, coyote, gray fox, opossum, raccoon, red fox, and striped skunk on private land for the purpose of removing predators that impact game species such as wild turkey and northern bobwhite.

Permits are valid on from July 1-June 30. Trapping must be done in accordance with Commission Codes 17.01, 17.02 and 17.03. If at any time the applicant’s hunting license is revoked or suspended, the Predator Control Permit becomes invalid.

Predator control will be most effective in helping ground nesting birds in areas where the habitat is already managed appropriately and food and cover are adequate. If you have poor habitat, predator control is not likely to make any meaningful change for the better. We encourage landowners to first allow trappers to trap on their property during the regular trapping season in the winter and with efforts focused in January/February to limit time for furbearers to recolonize vacated ranges before using a Predator Control Permit.

Predator control will work better on larger properties (>500-1,000 acres) as other animals will be likely to move in quickly after any removals are complete on smaller acreages. Trapping will be the most effective technique to use in reducing predator numbers. When trapping strictly for predator control, setting traps in March-May would be best for removing animals immediately prior to/during nesting season. You will need to commit to setting and checking traps for at least a month with at least 1-2 traps per 50 acres. While we don't recommend it, if you are feeding deer during this period, set up at at least 3 traps at each feeder in addition to traps set in other areas on the property. Setting a few traps for a couple of days won't help. Regulations regarding trap types, sizes, trap tags are the same as during the trapping season.

Predator control will need to be conducted annually. Reductions in predator populations are only temporary, even on larger properties, and other animals will move in quickly after removals.

If you wish to protect domestic livestock or pets, coyotes and raccoons can be shot during the day or trapped year-round without a permit. But, if you wish to shoot them at night to protect livestock, you will need to obtain a Depredation Permit, and not the Predator Control Permit. Contact your local AGFC office for details on how to obtain this permit.

Apply for a Predator Control Permit