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Triple Trophy Award Program
Triple Trophy Award Program

The Triple Trophy Award Program began in 1984 to promote the harvest of does and recognize the outstanding hunting skill of many Arkansas deer hunters.

While deer were being restored to Arkansas, does were protected to promote rapid population growth. One buck could father many offspring, but does were critical to re-establishing the deer herd. Thanks to strict rules and enforcement prohibiting doe harvest, Arkansas's herd now approaches one million deer.

Now management techniques must shift from quantity to quality. To keep Arkansas's deer healthy, the AGFC must balance the herd, which means harvesting some does. Reducing the ratio of does-to-bucks lowers competition for resources and encourages antler growth as well as overall health of the deer population.

Hunters must take at least one doe if they are to harvest a deer in each of the three available deer seasons. By doing this, they are helping the AGFC manage the deer herd for the best benefit of the resource while enjoying the added challenge of muzzleloading and archery seasons. In return for this service, the AGFC will provide each qualifying hunter with a certificate of recognition and a patch they can attach to a vest or coat.

Download and complete the PDF application and mail it back to the AGFC by April 10 following the year you qualify. Awards packets are mailed each summer.

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