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Arkansas Youth Shooting Sports Program

All Tournament Scores

West Region
April 27-28

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South Region
May 4-5

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East Region
May 11-12

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North Region
May 18-19

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State Tournament
June 1-2

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2018 AYSSP Regional Tournaments Map2018 AYSSP Regional Tournaments Map


AYSSP logo The Arkansas Youth Shooting Sports Program (AYSSP) aims to bring the joy of the outdoors and the rewards of safely learning to shoot to young Arkansans. Have you ever considered competing in the Olympics or a national shooting championship? This program from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission could be a start.

The AYSSP has two divisions: junior and senior. The junior division is for grades 6-8 and the senior division is for grades 9-12. Home-schooled students compete in the division they would be in if they were in public school. Home-schooled students 15 or older must compete in the senior division. Trap shooting is the sanctioned sport of the AYSSP. The season begins February 1 and ends July 31.

Any type of shotgun action is allowed, as long as the bore is 12 or 20 gauge. Release triggers are not allowed. Trap machines that throw targets at unknown angles are used. The state coordinator may specify models of trap machines for AYSSP events. All shooters and coaches must wear appropriate eye and ear protection.

All Region Tournament Scores

All teams must be on the field and ready to compete 45 minutes prior to their scheduled time to compete. No ammunition is allowed on the AGFF shooting sports complex range grounds. Anyone caught having any ammunition on their person or vehicle will be grounds for disqualification of the team. AYSSP will provide all competitors their needed ammunition once they take the competition line.

Team Terms
Each AYSSP participant must be on a team. Teams commonly represent schools, 4-H Clubs, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, church youth groups and other organizations, although anyone may form a group. Each team must have a coach and must meet these requirements:

  • A team must have at least five members.
  • Teams shoot in squads of five members.
  • A team may field as many squads as it can fill.
  • Participants must take part in at least five team practices.
  • Practices must be held on different days.
  • Regional and state competitions do not count as practice.
  • Each participant must shoot at least 25 targets at each practice.
  • Each team must register with the AYSSP state coordinator.

A shoot is a competition between at least two teams. A regional meet is a competition among shooting squads from a geographic area that are trying to qualify for the state championship.

Only registered AYSSP participants are allowed to compete and practice. All teams must be registered by March 1. Only coaches may register teams. Click on the link below to register.

Click here to register online. First time users will enter their AGFC Coach ID Number and Last Name. Returning users will enter their Username and Password.

Team Support Packages
A shooting team may apply for an AYSSP grant. A team must have at least five members and must practice at least five times. A grant will provide a basic team support package which includes:

  • Targets
  • Ammunition
  • Protective glasses
  • Ear protection

Coaches must be 21 to apply and must be certified by AGFC to participate in the program. Contact the AYSSP program coordinator to learn more. Forms are available for the Practice Log, Shotgun Checkout, Trap Machine Checkout, Trap Machine Grant Application and Tournament Score Sheet.

The Coach Application/Background Check Form must be completed, notarized and mailed to the AYSSP Coordinator when applying for an AYSSP coach position. An Arkansas State Police background check will be run on every applicant who is not an active Hunter Education Instructor on file with the AGFC.

New Coach Training
See calendar below for AYSSP new coach certification training schedule dates.

Active Coaches
Coaches Update Form | Return this form by October 1 to maintain your active status. 

AYSSP Calendar

Online Registration (certified coaches only) 

Program Coordinator